MuddyBoots is a collaboration between dance artists Ekaterine Giorgadze and Jason Jacobs. Their approach to the choreographic process begins with examining diverse materials to find impulses for movement. These materials include video footage, literary texts, musical compositions, mathematics, and current events, among others. The artists’ interest is in conveying the value and potential of movement to render meaning and provoke emotional and reflective experiences through artistic process and performance. MuddyBoots focuses on extracting movement from non-moving concepts, images and materials through methods of physical translation and transformation.

Ekaterine and Jason are committed to collaboration with individuals from multiple disciplines. Through sharing the creative process with other artists, MuddyBoots aspires to challenge the expectations, methods and outcomes of their artistic research. Collaboration offers the potential to connect the field of contemporary dance to a range of disciplines, aiding MuddyBoots in their ability to communicate about the choreographic process to a wide audience.

MuddyBoots has created four productions since August 2012, including “Still House/ Muddy Field”, “3:1”, “doing things”, and “MORBUS”. They have received recognition for their work including a Jury Prize for Best Ensemble Performance at the 25th Hessische Theatertage in Giessen (GER), and a Post-Graduate Grant for Artistic Research from the Hessische Theateracademie.

MuddyBoots has performed as part of festivals and formats of FrankfurtLab, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Gallus Theater, Kunsthochschule Kassel, Stadttheater Giessen, and the International Dance Festival Ingolstadt, among others. The company has received support for their work from Kulturamt Frankfurt am Main, Hessisches Ministerium für Kunst und Wissenschaft, the Forsythe Company, the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv, Tanzlabor_21, Festspielhaus Hellerau, Choreographic Center Firkin Crane, and others.

If you are interested in learning more about MuddyBoots’ approach to choreographic process or documentation practices, and would like to receive a copy of the publication “doing things: documenting a choreographic process”, submitted to the Hessische Theaterakademie archive of practices in artistic research, send an email to

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